Calm the nervous system

There are many and various things we can do to boost our resilience, but I have focused, in the following three sections, on lifestyle measure which I think are fundamental. However, if I had to recommend just one practice to adopt to absolutely increase your ability to live with ease, bang for bucks, a practice that calms the nervous system, or more correctly our autonomic nervous system, has got to be it. Meditation and Mindfulness are brilliant and there is much evidence to support their use in this regard. However, a simple breath practice is also extremely effective. Breathing in a specific way (in short, exhaling for twice as long as inhaling, with a pause in between) can have a powerful calming effect. 

I find a breath practice often appeals to individuals who are put off by their perception of meditation as 'too esoteric', or even a 'dark art', at odds with Christianity. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon misunderstanding. However, a calming breath practice is a powerful technique for all wanting to soothe the nervous system and is, conveniently, culturally, philosophically and religiously heritage-free! 


Self -hypnosis

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