3 Pillars of health

The principle of As above, so below applies throughout the natural world and nowhere is it more apparent, to me at least, than in the body. It seems to me that the body can be considered an intelligent universe where the individual parts of the body constantly refer back to and impact the whole. Naturopathy is the gentle, restorative approach of optimising the functioning of all body, by removing toxins, ensuring appropriate levels of essential nutrients, improving digestive function & therefore nutrient absorption, correcting structural imbalances and restoring nervous system balance (usually calming the CNS), so that the whole body can heal.


Naturopaths, therefore, work 'holistically' and are often trained in a number of different healing modalities: I am trained in nutrition, acupuncture, bodywork therapies and I also teach Mindfulness and calming breathing techniques to many patients as so many of us are overly 'revved up' to a degree that impacts our health and healing.

In the reductionist world of the 21st century, Western medicine focuses on 'managing a condition' by symptom suppression which might achieve a seemingly desirable result in the short-term, but there is invariably a consequence somewhere down the line because the underlying imbalance has not been resolved. A naturopath takes an involved case history, drilling down into the specifics of your particular case, your history and a great number of factors that build a complex, meaningful picture of what are the initial causes and ongoing drivers of your condition.


We are then in a position to start the process of unravelling what has gone wrong. And it is a process: this is not a quick-fix. It is no coincidence that the noun patient and the adjective patient are one and the same. However, take heart, with the right guidance, support and with time people do dramatically improve their health.

I haven't drawn up a long list of conditions that I can help with - over the years I have worked with many conditions. To see whether you think I can help you, look through the Fundamentals section. I have split this section into three to indicate the emphasis of approach - either increasing resilience, gut-healing or detoxification. In truth, all three of these approaches are extremely helpful for most conditions and all of us will benefit from working on all three of these factors. However, with different individuals, one approach will be more important than the other two - at least to begin with. And what is more, two individuals with, say, migraine, could benefit from a different emphasis of approach, so one might need detoxification first and foremost and another might need to build resilience first. 

I don't want to overcomplicate things - you just want to know whether I can help you! Have a read through this section and see what you think.

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