Lisa Rutter


Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe...

I am an unusual therapist, which is possibly not the most reassuring thing to hear at the get-go, but it’s true! The word holistic is much overused, but I do work in a genuinely holistic way. So, whilst the therapies are described here individually, I charge for my time and most often will incorporate at least two different therapies in one session. This achieves the most effective outcome for my patients.

Why do people seek alternative therapies these days?

Surely, complicated medicines made in a lab by people with long lists of academic qualifications after their names, that go through expensive research trials must be more effective? At this point in history, Western societies are more pharmacologically moulded than at any point previously and there are a number of reasons for this - partly the natural progression of Western philosophy down a dualistic, reductionist route, but also, the huge influence of pharmaceutical companies on our governments and health services.

Ok, if you have an acute illness or lose a limb in a terrible accident, you do not want a nutritionist or an acupuncturist, you want a medic trained in emergency medicine. And fast. Western medicine has developed from the infectious illness and surgical models and this is what it does brilliantly. However, what it does far less brilliantly, is manage chronic, or degenerative illness and it is this that is crippling the NHS and what most of my patients attend with.

How I work

I am a generalist and have supported patients with conditions as varied as musculoskeletal problems, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, migraine, digestive issues and fertility. However, I place particular emphasis on helping patients recognise and manage the effects of stress. It has become apparent to me that someone might walk through the door wanting help with pretty much any problem but during the initial consultation, it becomes apparent that stress is a driver of that condition. I will seek to address the primary condition, but also look further - unpacking what, over the course of the patient's life, may have laid the foundations for their current issue so that we can address the underlying causes. I will often discuss breathing techniques, Mindfulness, diet and lifestyle measures that people are, often, surprised to learn could be of help.


I have a particular interest in hypothyroidism, adrenal and chronic fatigue, having suffered with these for a number of years (if you suspect you suffer from any of these, go straight to the Calm, energised & joyful section).

Whatever your current state of health, it is almost certain that it can be improved upon and what is also certain is that the chief agent of this improvement is you. The body, given a fighting chance, always errs towards healing and when we talk about real healing, then it is always the body that heals itself not a drug, not a therapist nor a doctor. Naturopaths help restore our body's innate homeostasis: where all body systems are working together harmoniously. They do this using a variety of means: I work with acupuncture, nutrition, bodywork therapies, creative therapy and Mindfulness. By these means, we stand the best chance of restoring homeostasis, in which case, the body can heal.

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Treatment hours

Thurdays & Fridays: 8am - 8pm ​​

My location

10 Derwent Square, Chinley

High Peak, Derbyshire

SK23 6BH


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